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Unfortunately, while researching this topic one thing has become clear – you cannot invest in property (or buy a family home) if you have nothing. If you have no income, no cash and no equity, then contrary to the titles of many articles out there (like this one!) you will never find any lender that [...]The post How to Build a Property Portfolio from Nothing appeared first on Property Investment Newcastle.
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The most obvious approach for property wealth management in Newcastle for many new investors is to buy an existing property on the rental market and lease it out, earning income from the tenants until it is time to sell up. This is the easy, quick option for many, but it may actually be more beneficial, [...]The post Advantages of Building Your Own Investment Property appeared first on Property Investment Newcastle.


All property investors want the very best portfolio of homes and assets that will provide wealth and financial security for years to come. The problem is that we also want that security and profit as soon as possible. Why hang around on a slow burn when there are opportunities to take advantage of. Here is [...]The post How To Build A Property Portfolio Quickly appeared first on Property Investment Newcastle.

Real Estate Investment Checklist ֠7 Tips Before Investing

Property investment can be daunting to some who are a little less experienced but done properly, can be a very rewarding venture. This article provides a very basic real estate investment checklist that you can follow to help ensure you are on the way to success. Of course we recommend using our services for your [...]The post Real Estate Investment Checklist – 7 Tips Before Investing appeared first on Property Investment Newcastle.

Average House Price in Newcastle NSW

Average House Price in Newcastle NSWThere are major concerns in New South Wales over an affordability crisis in the housing market, something reflected across the country, but seemingly worse here. According to the Perceptions of Housing Affordability report, 87% of Australians that want to own a home feel that they cannot afford to. A lot of this stems from steady price increases and the high rise of stamp duty over the years. This heavy tax has increased by 750% in 20 years. These measures have placed some homes in the state, especially the Sydney area, out of the reach of a number of families and couples. Even though the average house price Newcastle NSW is growing, Newcastle is fast becoming an affordable alternative for Sydney siders.Both house prices and rental prices are on the rise in Newcastle, NSW.Data for recent house prices varies, but each source highlights a dramatic increase. Some report that in the past year, the average house price in Newcastle was $985,000. This equa…

Building Wealth Through Investment Property

Many couples are keen to ensure that they have the perfect nest egg in place for their retirement – a nice safety net of savings, investments and collectables. There are many different ways to do this that allow couples to enjoy more than a pension in later years. A broad portfolio of investments and options [...]The post Building Wealth Through Investment Property appeared first on Property Investment Newcastle.

Why Newcastle Is A City To Watch For Residential or commercial property Growth

Why Newcastle Is A City To Expect Residential or commercial property GrowthSydney was once the residential or commercial property capital of New South Wales. It was seen as the very best location genuine estate and fascinating homes for a number years. While there are still lots of that will stay continue and put to put their cash into this major city, hedging their bets if you will, others have started to see the light in a sunny location a little additional up the coast. Newcastle is a harbour city that is starting to get interest, taking attention far from Sydney and supplying a new chance for eager financiers.
The very first enticing element to Newcastle over Sydney is basic-- it is everything about the most recent numbers.
Newcastle property development is not that big a gamble for mindful new financiers when we look at the crucial numbers here. In 2016, the city saw home prices rise by 9.3% as the city rose in worth. Newcastle, meanwhile, was around half that at $530,000.